23" Newborn Handmade Reborn Baby Doll Full Body Silicone Vinyl Girl

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Product Description


Size: Approx. 22",55CM Form Head to Toe.
Material: Silicone vinyl, imported from Germany, 100% safe.Gentle Touch Vinyl and Soft cloth body filled with PP cotton.
Net Weight: 1.35 kg
Hair: Imported mohair, an artificial one implant, soft and smooth, the simulation is high,washable and availble comb.
Eyes: Taiwan top grade acrylic eyes, blue or brown color, they can't close or blink.
Nose: nostrils are open, as if the baby doll is breathing.
Eyebrows: completely hand-drawn up so eyebrows have to be treated carefully, do not force to wipe them .
Mouth: the lips seems to be a real baby's lips, tender, soft, warm and humid , you can not help but want to kiss the baby doll.
Nails: completely hand-drawn nails, redness of the nail bed and translucent nails, and even some nails life milky a half of moon shape
Clothes: We will send the baby doll with clothes to our customers, the clothes look very pretty and also you can wear it beautiful clothes by yourself.
Skin: The skin is the most unique place of this doll, designers will spend a lot of time to baby's skin so that the skin will look more realistic multi-layer manufacturing processes. Color after special treatment, will not fade. Some babies have a little pink blush face.
Padding: body filler for high-quality soft materials, the limbs are filled with soft material of high quality clean and environmentally friendly.

Packaged included:
1 X Doll
1 X Outfit set(cap and socks included)
1 X Feeding bottle
1 X Magnetic Pacifier